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The Body Studio, LLC Referral Partner Terms and Conditions:

  1. In the unlikely event that two or more referral partners claim they should receive commissions on purchases for the same individual, The Body Studio, LLC will make the final decision on how commissions are paid to all referral partners involved in that claim. This could result in multiple referral partners splitting a portion of the commissions earned from said individual. 

  2. In order for a referral partner's employees to receive the unlimited 10% off discount on all services purchased with The Body Studio, LLC, they must be actively employed with the referral partner's business. The unlimited 10% off discount will be terminated once the individual is no longer actively employed by the referral partner's business. 

  3. A referral partner's commissions will only be paid on services provided to their referred clients by The Body Studio, LLC at 3256 S Fremont Avenue, Studio 10, Springfield, MO 65804.  Commissions will only be released to the referral partner if the referred client has paid for the services provided by The Body Studio, LLC. 

  4. The 10% referral partner commission earnings will be calculated using the final net cost (less discounts, tips and gratuities) that was paid to The Body Studio, LLC at the time of service by the referred client.

  5. Referral partner commission earnings will start at the date of the referred client's 1st paid treatment session with The Body Studio, LLC and commission earnings will end exactly one year from that date. 

  6. If a referral partner refers a client that has already purchased services with The Body Studio, LLC prior to the date The Body Studio, LLC was notified of said referral action, the referral partner will not be eligible for commissions on that individual. In order for a referral partner to qualify for commissions on a referred client, that individual must notify The Body Studio, LLC that they were referred by the referral partner at the time of their 1st treatment session. Exceptions to this rule will be considered upon request from the referral partner or the referral partner's client. 

  7. The Body Studio, LLC reserves the right to determine eligibility and final payouts for all referral partners.

  8. The referral partner can not directly or indirectly engage in any business practices that offer similar services as The Body Studio, LLC while being in contact with The Body Studio, LLC current or former clients for a period of 3 years from the date the referral partner entered into this agreement. The referral partner can not solicit any client of The Body Studio, LLC for the benefit of a third party that is engaged in a business that offers similar services as The Body Studio, LLC for a period of 3 years from the date the referral partner entered into this agreement.

  9. Circumstances may occur that delay or change the normal schedule for commission payouts to referral partners.

  10. It is the sole responsibility of the referral partner to determine their tax liability on commissions earned and paid through The Body Studio, LLC referral partner program. Referral partners that earn in excess of $599.00 in a calendar year will be required to provide The Body Studio, LLC with a completed W-9 form. Referral partners that earn in excess of $599.00 in a calendar year will be issued the appropriate tax documentation required by the Internal Revenue Service. 

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