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Relaxation "Swedish" Massage

Experience a classic relaxation massage treatment. This massage relaxes the entire body by reducing tension, increasing circulation and working tight, sore muscles in to full relaxation.

1 Hour Massage....$65.00

90 Minute Massage....$95.00

Add-on Option:
Pain Relieving Massage Lotion....$20.00

Reflexology Massage

Indulge in this ancient style of pressure/massage for the hands and/or feet, which stimulates the flow of energy to targeted areas in the body, increases circulation and aids in healing. 

Relieves symptoms of pain for areas such as PMS, IBS, sinus pain, headaches, chemotherapy, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, posture problems and much more!

30 Minute Hand and/or Foot Massage....$45.00

Add-on Option:
Pain Relieving Massage Lotion....$10.00


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