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We're offering special discounted prices on all Body Studio treatment sessions from now until May 31st, 2019. By simply booking one appointment before May 31st, 2019, we will honor these special treatment session prices through the end of 2019. Ask us about discounted full treatment packages at your next appointment.

Call or Text 417-771-8585 to Schedule

PhotoFacial Treatments

Skin rejuvenation treatments eliminate sun damage and age spots, reduces crepiness by tightening skin, and encourages collagen production that reduces wrinkles and creates a softer smoother skin.

All PhotoFacial and Photo Rejuvenation Treatments are performed with a combination of light therapy and radio frequency technology for improved results compared to older methods. 

  1. Full face, throat and neck.... $125.00

  2. Decolletage (chest).... $90.00

  3. Ultimate Combo.... $200.00                         NEW YEAR SPECIAL NOW $150.00
    - Full face, decolletage (chest), throat and neck

Photo Rejuvenation

  1. Hands.... $60.00

  2. Lower arms and hands.... $115.00

  3. Full arms and hands.... $150.00

  4. Shoulders and back of neck.... $150.00

  5. Stomach.... $100.00
    - includes top of pubic area to rib cage and hip bones

Radio Frequency Treatments

Vein Treatments

Revives the skin by heating the skin cells with radio frequency waves to encourage new collagen that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, plus shrink pore size. Our RF body treatments also uses warm heat and massage to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite to the targeted areas. 

It is recommended to receive 3 to 5 treatment sessions for best results.

  1. Varicose veins.... $50.00 and up

  2. Broken Capillaries.... $35.00 and up

  1. Face and eyes.... $65.00
      Three Treatment Package - $175.00​​

  2. Face, eyes and neck.... $85.00
    Three Treatment Package - $225.00

  3. Other body areas.... $50.00 and up

Text the word body2019 to the # 555-888 to receive guaranteed free gifts and be entered to win our monthly grand prize giveaways

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Acne Treatments

  1. Full face.... $60.00

  2. Partial face.... $35.00
    - chin, cheeks, forehead or nose (TBD)

  3. Full back .... $75.00

  4. Upper back and shoulders.... $50.00 and up

  5. Chest.... $50 and up

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